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As curators and custodians of the finest products for the home in the world, we don’t believe in compromise.

We believe in timeless design. We believe in perfection. In the details. In the heritage and values of craftsmanship, purity and simplicity behind every brand and product we represent. Brands and products that have one thing in common – to stand above all for the never-ending pursuit of excellence.

It’s a philosophy we share. Ensuring that each and every product we bring into our clients’ homes, is treated with the same care, respect and passion that went into making it.

bulthaup Logo

As an independent family business, for over 60 years bulthaup has combined the most advanced engineering skill with refined, minimalist aesthetics to create bespoke kitchens and living spaces for people to come together, connect, relax and feel at home.

Every bulthaup product is created with a deep value for craftsmanship, design, superb quality, a love for authentic materials and a passion for detail. These values are brought to life by every one of the men and women in the bulthaup factory in Aich, Germany, every day. Because we believe, bulthaup truly begins where machines can go no further.

Bulthaup b1 b2 b3 2016 (.pdf)


b3 Kitchen

The Bespoke Kitchen


b2 Kitchen

The Workshop Kitchen


b1 Kitchen

The Essential Kitchen


b Solitaire

The Living Space


Tables & Benches

The Meeting Place



The Finishing Touch

At the bulthaup factory, a single craftsman produces all of the fronts, side panels, and worktops for an individual kitchen. This is because each craftsman creates their own unique angle when beveling edges. This principle of individualism forms the basis of the bulthaup b3, offering infinite design possibilities and complete freedom of configuration to ensure every kitchen is personal and completely unique.

Inspired by the golden rule of craftsmanship: “Tools and materials must always be kept tidy and close at hand” – bulthaup b2 is a kitchen ‘workshop’ in the truest sense of the word. Comprised of 3 elements – workbench (with preparation area, cooktop, and water point), kitchen tool cabinet, and household appliance cabinet – bulthaup b2 can be individually configured to create a space centred around freedom of movement, which works the way you do.

German design legend Otl Aicher firmly believed that intelligent minimization is the key to better products and greater simplicity. Channelling this philosophy, bulthaup b1 focuses on the essentials – consciously using a select number of high-quality and ‘honest’ materials that are skilfully combined.

Life writes the stories, we make them relevant. We are accompanied by things that define us, remind us, and which go with us as we grow and develop. bulthaup b Solitaire offers a range of elements that can be integrated individually or in combination throughout your living space giving you the freedom to organise, display and admire the personal objects that reflect who you are.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the kitchen table is the heart of the kitchen. Whether eating, drinking, or simply sitting together with family and friends, bulthaup tables and benches enhance the role of the kitchen as a focal point, creating an inviting environment to come together.

The tools we use to work with our hands need to be practical, solid and durable. We believe they should also be beautiful. bulthaup accessories are more than just kitchen implements. You use them every day – when slicing bread or vegetables, to store flour and spices, or to serve up meals. bulthaup’s characteristic excellence in design, material, and workmanship are found in our elegant range of accessories.

rimadesio Logo

Founded in 1956 by Francesco Malberti and Luigi Riboldi in the town of Desio, and still run by the Malberti family to this day, custom-made solutions have always been the rule for Rimadesio.

With a sophisticated collection of doors, sliding panels, shelving units, walk-in wardrobes and complementary furniture, Rimadesio explores the living area in all its diverse forms. The Rimadesio collection creates unique possibilities for the architectural definition of internal spaces, that are unmatched.

Rimadesio Brochure (.pdf)


Sliding Doors

Defining Spaces



Entering Spaces



Display Spaces


Living Areas

Life Spaces


Storage Systems

Personal Spaces



Connecting Spaces


Walk-in Closets

Personal Spaces

Through an unwavering quest to discover new design possibilities with glass and aluminium and with over 60 years of expertise in producing these materials, Rimadesio is a master of its craft. The Rimadesio collection of sliding doors combines technological innovation and stylistic variety to define spaces that reflect the lifestyle of the people who live in them.

Chief architect and designer Giuseppe Bavuso is inspired by the experiential and sensorial quality of materials. From transparency to reflections, from the naturalness of leather to the strength of lacquered colours, the Rimadesio range of doors create unique aesthetics while maintaining functionally smooth movements and complete reliability over time.

A focus on bringing the traditions of time honoured craft to the world of industrial design is evidenced in the Rimadesio collection of bookcases. Characterized by their versatility with freestanding, wall fixed and modular solutions, the range offers an exceptional variety of conceptual and stylistic choices, available in all colours and finishes for aluminium.

Simplicity of a concept expressed through an exceptional level of technical competence is what makes the Rimadesio collection for the living space unique. Bringing to the fore the exclusive aesthetic qualities of glass and the exceptional versatility of its composition, Rimadesio living areas are personal spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

The transition from heavy walls to constructions full of light represent the future of design for Rimadesio. This vision is embodied in a collection of storage systems that offer completely bespoke solutions for the home and the office.

A space is not defined by the walls that surround it, but by the objects within it. This principle can be seen and more importantly felt in the design and construction of every Rimadesio table.

Inspired by minimalistic living, Giuseppe Bavuso’s use of large glass panels puts your most personal objects on display with three complementary Walk-in Closet systems that allow you to completely customise the most personal space in your home.

carlhansen Logo

Craftsmanship can be a lot of things. To Carl Hansen & Søn, it is everything. This passion began in 1908, when Carl Hansen brought the finest furniture makers and designers in Denmark together under one roof and developed the technology that allowed them to consistently produce the very best of iconic Danish design, using only the finest natural materials, to the most exacting standards.

Today, Carl Hansen’s descendants continue to uphold his ethos, using traditional woodworking techniques with the latest technology to produce classic pieces that reflect over 100 years of furniture history.

Carl Hansen & Søn (.pdf)

Carl Hansen & Søn

Dining Chairs

Timeless Icons

Carl Hansen & Søn

Lounge Chairs

Timeless Icons

Carl Hansen & Søn


Hans J. Wegner Centenary Edition

Carl Hansen & Søn

Sofas and Daybeds

Refined Comfort

With a renowned collection that represents the very best in Danish design, Carl Hansen & Søn’s dining chairs are among the most admired in the world – epitomised by the timeless CH23 Dining Chair designed by Hans J. Wegner.

Carl Hansen & Søn’s collection of lounge chairs are statement pieces designed to represent elegant comfort. Reclining in the classic Embrace chair designed by Ole Wanscher is one example of how every interaction with a Carl Hansen & Søn chair is a special one.

Made of walnut and oak, Wegner’s Centenary Edition Credenza is based on his original drawings from 1958. Although it looks simple, the credenza features an advanced design with roller shutter doors, requiring double sides and a rear panel, between which the roller shutters run on a track and disappear when opened. The interior features adjustable shelves and pull-out drawers that are designed to enable simple installation of additional drawers.

With minimalist aesthetics and fine attention to detail, Carl Hansen & Søn’s Sofas and Daybeds combine the elegance of form for which they are renowned, with plush comfort and the highest level of finish.

dinesen Logo

Every day for four generations, life at Dinesen has revolved around high-quality wood, outstanding craftsmanship and a deep respect for nature.

Just as no two trees are alike, no two Dinesen floors are alike. Wood is a living material, and Dinesen takes pride in creating products that respect the personality of the tree and preserve nature’s riches. To ensure the highest level of quality, each and every plank passes through ten pairs of hands on its way through production, with special attention paid to the knots and natural cracks – preserved and locked with Dinesen’s trademark butterfly joints – to retain every plank’s natural character and personality.

Dinesen Catalogue (.pdf)



Exceptional Wood Flooring


Douglas Fir

Exceptional Wood Flooring

With extraordinary dimensions of up to 50 centimetres wide, 3 centimetres thick and 5 metres long, Dinesen Oak planks reflect nature’s grandeur and vitality. Available in Heart Oak, Grand Oak, Grand Pattern and Oak Flooring.

Dinesen Douglas planks, with individual planks available in up to 20 metres in length, have an exquisitely distinct and unique look. Sourced mainly from the Black Forest, using only the best of the 80 to 120 year-old trees, they are of the highest quality. It is this careful selection and the extraordinary craftsmanship that goes into producing every plank, that places Dinesen Douglas in a class of its own.