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Amini carpets. 

From raw materials to yarn processing, from processing techniques to design.  At the centre of the home. The evolution of an evergreen furnishing item. 

Amini Collection

Amini Carpet Materials


The Amini collection is based exclusively on the processing of wool, silk and viscose, materials obtained from natural textile fibers, of animal or vegetable origin. This aspect, in addition to the appreciation of local traditions and constant commitment towards ensuring safe working conditions, mean that Amini remains a business concern based on sound ethical principles and environmental sustainability.

Amini Carpet Manufacturing

Manufacturing techniques

The quality of the Amini product range is the consistent result of a manufacturing process that has been honed over more than 50 years of history. Manufacturing lies at the heart of the business, performed using wholly traditional techniques and located in different countries, from Nepal to Afghanistan, from India to Turkey, according to the specific type of carpet.

  • Hand weaving
  • Hand-knotting
  • Hand-tufting
  • Handloom
  • Soumak weaving
Amini Carpet Furnishing

Furnishing with carpets

If the material, colors and design of a carpet help to determine the style of an ambience, the size certainly determines the overall perception. The choice is naturally conditioned by the space available, but it is also important to evaluate the relationship with the other furnishing components.

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